What we believe in

Hundreds of millions of people are burdened with a chronic respiratory condition – the WHO estimates that 235 million people currently have asthma, and four million die prematurely from chronic respiratory disease (COPD) every year.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to create a new generation of eco-friendly medical inhalation products to improve respiratory treatments.

Our Mission is to:

  • Intensify and expand the use of propellant-free and therefore eco-friendly device solutions.

  • Offering patients innovative SMI applications on a global scale.

  • Create a proprietary device platform, flexible enough to adapt to multiple indications that can be treated via the respiratory pathway.

The Soft Mist Inhalers (SMIs) created in the 1990s were revolutionary – they combined the best features of these approaches, offering an ultra-fine mist with a slow velocity and long cloud duration leading to higher amount of inhaled drug compared to other pressurised inhalers. Since then, the acceptance of SMIs has grown rapidly, and they represent a multi-billion dollar market potential.

Dr. Jan-Torsten Tews, MD, CEO

Our Board

As a group, our Board offers profound medical, pharmaceutical/chemical, medical device and consumer product expertise. It consists of members of the Series A & B multi-national venture capital consortium, the CEO, a non-executive director, a founder’s representative and the chairman.

Our Team of Experts

Dr. Frank Bartels
Dr. Frank BartelsHead of MicroFluidics
Microfluidic Expert
Laurence Blazianu
Laurence BlazianuCFO
Former Hoffman-la Roche
Former Credit Suisse
Partner Cukierman & Co.
Iain Breakwell
Iain BreakwellHead of Project Management
Former Teva (formerly Actavis)
Former Novartis
Former Sanofi
Steven Dudley
Steven DudleyHead of Development
Former Teva (formerly Actavis)
Former Novartis

Dr. Jürgen Rawert
Dr. Jürgen RawertCOO
Pharmaceutical Technology & Device Expert
Isabel Sequeira Lopes
Isabel Sequeira LopesHead of Formulation
Former Chiesi
Former Hovione
Dr. Jan-Torsten Tews
Dr. Jan-Torsten TewsCEO
Former Global Head of Respiratory at Sandoz
Former Head of Respiratory Europe at Teva

We are currently designing and creating a propellant-free, purely mechanical device to be used for worldwide generic and non-generic pharmaceutical products.

Our Work