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What we believe in

Hundreds of millions of people are burdened with a chronic respiratory condition – the WHO estimates that 235 million people currently have asthma, and four million die prematurely from chronic respiratory disease (COPD) every year.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to create a new generation of eco-friendly medical inhalation products to improve respiratory treatments.

Our Mission is to:

  • Intensify and expand the use of propellant-free and therefore eco-friendly device solutions.

  • Offering patients innovative SMI applications on a global scale.

  • Create a proprietary device platform, flexible enough to adapt to multiple indications that can be treated via the respiratory pathway.

The Soft Mist Inhalers (SMIs) created in the 1990s were revolutionary – they combined the best features of these approaches, offering an ultra-fine mist with a slow velocity and long cloud duration leading to higher amount of inhaled drug compared to other pressurised inhalers. Since then, the acceptance of SMIs has grown rapidly, and they represent a multi-billion dollar market potential.

Dr. Jan-Torsten Tews, MD, CEO

Our Board

As a group, our Board offers profound medical, pharmaceutical/chemical, medical device and consumer product expertise. It consists of members of the Series A multi-national venture capital consortium, the CEO, a founders representative and the chairman.

Our Team

Dr. Jan-Torsten TewsCEO
Former Global Head of Respiratory at Sandoz
Former Head of Respiratory Europe at Teva
Dr. Jürgen RawertCOO
Pharmaceutical Technology & Device Expert
Dr. Frank BartelsHead of MicroFluidics
Microfluidic Expert
Frank PietersChairman
Respiratory expert
Currently owner P&L Projects BVBA
Former Head Global Respiratory & Specialty at Cipla
Former Global Head of Respiratory and Biotech at Teva
Former GM at Glaxo SmithKline

We are currently designing and creating a propellant-free, purely mechanical device to be used for worldwide generic and non-generic pharmaceutical products.

Our Work